by Mark Adams and Niko Pruesse

For those of you who may not know, our very own Jim and Peg (co-founders of Common Ground Center) have been toiling away for the past two years on a project in Bristol, Vermont (10 minutes from CGC) and, largely due to Jim's persistence, a few familiar faces are showing up lately in Bristol.

What is going on, you may ask? Well, Mark Adams and Niko Pruesse, parents of Rhoen (former board chair) and on and off campers and staff members for the past 20 years, and long-time camper Maura with her son Simon, are planning to join them.

In February 2016, Common Ground Center hosted the University of Vermont's ALANA (African, Latino/a, Asian, Native American) Student Center. CGC staff member Neily Jennings had a chance to interview Lam Phan, the Coordinator for Programs and Student Leadership Development at the ALANA Center, about their work. Here's what Lam had to say!

In February 2016, 350Vermont hosted a Climate Organizer Leadership Training weekend at Common Ground Center, and Common Ground Center staff member Neily Jennings had a chance to interview 350Vermont organizers Alix Lara and Brittany Dunn about their work. Here's what they had to say! 

Peg and Jim enjoy a meal together at Camp Common Ground.After 20 years of being at the helm at Common Ground Center along with her husband Jim Mendell, Peg Kamens has transitioned from her Co-Director role to an Advisor role and now puts her many talents toward other endeavors.

A Camp Kaleidoscope dad who wishes to remain anonymous shares his experience of the program after attending for multiple years in a row. You can read more about Camp K here.

I first heard about Servas from a friend of a friend. It seemed too good to be true. For a nominal fee, I could stay with families in countries around the world. Rather than being a tourist seeing only other tourists, I had the opportunity to know the natives and learn about their culture.