Camp Kaleidoscope Fees & Information

  • Fees include meals, use of facilities and equipment, all programs and volunteer support for each family, cabins, and tenting. There are additional fees to stay in our Eco-Lodge. 
  • The actual cost of Camp Kaleidoscope is $500 per person, but we offer a sliding scale tuition fee ranging from $250 to $500 per person. You can choose to pay what you feel can you afford. If you can afford to pay the full amount, it will go a long way towards helping camp be affordable for all.
  • We work hard to raise funds to cover scholarships beyond the bottom of the sliding scale. In order to qualify, we will need you to fill out a campership form and submit you tax return. If you need help finding funds for your family contact Carole (802-881-8278) for ideas or to request a campership form.
  • Eco-Lodge fees cover the cost of a room in the lodge for the entire program: $250 for a four person room, $200 for a three person room, $175 for a two person room, $160 for a four person room without a bathroom. Restrictions apply.
  • The Asperger's Association of New England  and MyGoal can provide some financial assistance to families attending Camp K. Families need to apply for assistance from these organizations themselves.

Our Supporters

Thanks so much to all of our supporters and volunteers who help us keep Camp Kaleidoscope affordable for families! We wish to acknowledge Autism Speaks, American Flatbread, the Bobcat Cafe, and many other businesses and individuals for contributing financially to support Camp K. Click to find out more about our supporters and how you can help!

Information on the Program

  • Families who have an aide are encouraged to bring an aide to camp. There will be no charge for aides.
  • Each family will be assigned a Family Partner, a student in an autism related field. These volunteers will help facilitate camp life for the families. They are graciously giving their time, as a gift to your family. They will be available to provide a helping hand when they can and support your family retreat.
  • There will be activities for children ages 3-11. If you have someone less than 3 years old in your family, we will look forward to meeting them! Although we do not have staff to provide care for these little campers, we want to talk about the best way to support your family’s rejuvenation time at Common Ground Center. There will be no program for teens at Camp Kaleidoscope, only for children ages 3-11.
  • All registered members of your family must plan to attend Camp K for the entire duration of the program. This program is quite popular and it would be unfair to exclude someone else to allow your family to drop in and out.
  • A parent or legal guardian for every child must be on site at all times.
  • There will be morning programs devoted separately to children and adults. The Kidville staff will lead programs aimed at varying age levels and interests (i.e. crafts, music, outdoor games, etc.). Children will be able to self-select. These universally accessible programs will be for kids on the spectrum and siblings. Meanwhile adults will take part in classes devoted to the arts, relaxation, nature, advocacy and autism education.
  • All afternoon and evening programs will be multi-aged and appropriate to kids on the spectrum and their families.
  • If you are interested in working or volunteering at Camp Kaleidoscope, please call the Carole at 802-881-8278.

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