Camp Kaleidoscope Staff

Our talented staff return year after year. Following is a list of current and past Camp K staff! 

  • Carole Blane - Camp K Director - Carole Blane has been involved with Camp K since it was founded in 2007. Carole is the mother of 3 daughters, the wife of Steve and owner of 2 dogs and a turtle. In her former life she produced TV commercials and an independent film. Carole loves college basketball, reading, and hiking and Common Ground Center.
  • Connor Timmons - Administrative Support aka CGC Executive Director - Connor was born & raised in Montreal, and joined CGC staff in 2011. Ever since Connor learned that there could be a career in motivating kids to play kick the can, pirates and peanut butter ocean, he has been involved in residential and day camps. Connor has worked with underprivileged youth in Chile, was the program coordinator at Camp Nashoba in Maine, and coordinated teen programs at the YMCA in Montreal, among other pursuits.  
  • Ellie Summers - Activity Leader - Ellie is a second grade teacher in Maine.  After her first year at Camp K where she took photos and helped out in Kidville she was hooked on this fun program.  She is a tremendous asset to Kidville - calm and easy going!  We truly value her work.  Her class held a pj fundraiser for Camp K this year!  What a hoot!
  • Emily Gibbs - Activity Leader Coordinator - Emily works year-round coordinating Common Ground Center programs, rentals, and site maintenance. She has an extensive background working with youth in various capacities. We are thrilled to have her helping to oversee youth activities at Camp K!
  • Jim Mendell – Photographer & Conflict Resolution – Fully to blame for at least half of the 30,000 photos put into the computer in 2007, Jim usually is attached to a camera. Jim is interested in everybody and everything and would love to hear all of your ideas.
  • Karen Ranzi - Family Partner Support - Karen graduated from New York University with a Masters in Speech, Language Pathology. She has written a book called Creating Healthy Children. This will be her eighth year at Camp Kaleidoscope.
  • Kim Dunkley – Activity Leader - After a long history in outdoor ed/rec with many ages, she's settled down as a pre-school educator in Morrisville, VT. Kim still makes time for the important stuff like traveling, skiing and standing on her head. She's looking forward to sharing some of her silliness and playing with folks this summer in Starksboro.
  • Margaret Novotny - Family Partner Program Founder - Margaret has extensive experience working with children affected by autism.  Margaret has a great sense of humor and loves Camp Kaleidoscope. The Family Partner Program was Margaret's brain child and she oversees the students.
  • Mary Summers and Nora Wells - Community Volunteers - Mary and Nora are advocates for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. Both are taking time out of their busy lives to come play, make goop and have fun! They love sleeping in their tent under the stars!
  • Melynda Schudrich - Arts - Melynda is a proud homeschooling parent of three children. As a mom who is passionate about the arts, she loves doing projects with her kids that help them gain an appreciation for art. Melynda’s art interests include fused glass, basketry, felting, knitting, and pottery. She also makes natural soaps, air fresheners, and even house cleaning products. She looks forward to meeting everyone at camp this summer!
  • Bruce Balistrieri - Photographer - Bruce began as a Common Ground Center photographer in 2001. He started out at the Lost Art Camp Program and has been invited to Camp Kaleidoscope and Camp Common Ground ever since. His motto is "you make the moment and I will capture it!" He loves nature shots and portraits and is responsible for the photo of the rainbow from Camp K several years ago.  When he is not at camp he is in his 28th year as curator for the Patterson NJ Museum.
  • Emma Entis-Lillienfield - Activity Leader - Emma has been a member of the Common Ground Center community since its beginning. She is the manager of a local bakery and cafe and works in an afterschool program for a holistic education school. Emma enjoys working with kids and being outdoors and Camp K provides her the opportunity to do both. Warm and welcoming, Emma will greet you and your kids each morning at Kidville with a smiling face as part of the Youth Staff.
  • Christopher Johnston - Activity Leader - Chris hails from California and is a fun-loving person who is always up for a game. He'll join the Yellow Shirt Team at Camp K where you'll find him at the science table or searching for critters. In his professional life he is a conflict resolution specialist. He began his career as a self-defense coach and after coaching three students on the autism spectrum at his academy, he authored a self-defense curriculum for College Living Experience, an organization that assists young adults on the spectrum transitioning to college. In 2012 Chris expanded his services to include mediation where he assists families, some with special needs children, and small businesses in recovering from, and reunifying after, disruptive events that have created relational tensions.

(All activities and staff are subject to change)