Overcoming Barriers

High Conflict Divorce Family Camp

Two people sit in hammocks facing each other with a big blue sky above them.

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Overcoming Barriers partnered with Common Ground Center to run programs in Vermont beginning in 2008. With the support of Common Ground Center's wealth of knowledge about family programs and key staff participation, Overcoming Barriers has since expanded to offer programs all over the country. 

This camp, with it’s relaxing activities and skilled, supportive staff who understand the complexities of the relationships, provides a unique opportunity to create new beginnings and new memories for families. In addition to traditional camp activities like yoga, arts and crafts, hiking and campfires, families will participate in specially designed Children and Adult Programs each morning. The psycho-educational part of this family camp, led by experts in this field, will help both parents see the value of the other in the child’s life as well as help children become more free to feel and show connection with both parents. Families will learn how to repair ruptured relationships in a safe and healthy environment.

Overcoming Barriers programs are unique because they require the participation of all family members. Please visit the Overcoming Barriers website for more detailed information about this program, including information on the application process, cost, and more. Inquiries may be directed to overcomingbarriers@gmail.com.