Who We Are

Common Ground Center is a cooperatively run non-profit arts, education, and outdoor recreation and retreat center. We are dedicated to bringing together and strengthening diverse families and communities through unique program offerings and facility rentals. Our beautiful site demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Guiding Principles: 

We work to foster strong and healthy families that...

  • Learn and grow together, support each other to gain new skills and explore individual creative talents.
  • Interact cooperatively and communicate openly and honestly, to share joys and concerns, solve problems and resolve disputes.
  • Play together, making time to laugh, relax, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

We work to develop strong and sustainable communities that...

  • Intentionally welcome, support and celebrate diversity.
  • Counter alienation by fostering interdependence among community members.
  • Honor the unique contributions and talents of each community member and care for each other.

We work according to fiscally responsible business practices, including...

  • Fair pay, equal benefits, non-discriminatory hiring and timely accounts payable.
  • Valuing our interdependence with the natural environment by maintaining a low carbon footprint, recycling and repurposing.

Common Ground Center is a proud member of:

Vermont Camping Association

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

In addition to running our own programs, we are proud to have hosted a number of schools, non-profits, and community groups here at Common Ground Center - to learn about some of these groups, click here.